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Superstar Racing Hack V2.04 (Latest)




.4 --- +New Features: -New search window with multiple search terms (q, to, and from) -Adds the ability to exclude company names in search (use * to include) -Searches show only the state and company with which the user is most closely associated +Bug Fixes: -Fixed missing GTI scores for multiple activity searches -Added the ability to change the color of the toolbar to match the current theme +Feature Requests: If you have a suggestion for a feature or bug, please share it with me on reddit: Also, if you would like me to add an entirely new state, just PM me on reddit or post on the subreddit! Version 2.06.0 -Added state e-mail subscription to the form settings -Added the ability to add multiple company names to the form submission -Fixed a bug where we were failing to correctly parse user profile names that contain commas -Fixed a bug where we weren't correctly parsing user profile names that are names like "1-5" Version 2.05.3 -Added new auto-import feature for user profiles -Added in-game data source to automatically pull data from the in-game API -Added the ability to set the transfer limit for an account -Added the ability to disable the auto-import feature for certain players -Added new reports to show new game events as well as event stats, such as race winners Version 2.05.2 -Added the ability to set minimum and maximum values for in-game events -Made in-game event sorting functions consistent with the new user interface Version 2.05.1 -Added in-game event support -Added auto-import for in-game data Version 2.05.0 -Added new user interface that shows all personal information on a player's profile -Added a search bar that allows you to filter data -Added a new form where users can enter data about their




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Superstar Racing Hack V2.04 (Latest)

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