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Inside the lab, we focus on helping the small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits, promote and brand their business and competing in the marketing place. With so much noise and the constant bombardment of information (ads, commercials, content, and social media) it makes it tough for your target audience to hear and see you. We help you silence the noise and stand out in order to identify your target demographic and talk to them specifically. We do this through various grassroots campaigns, influential marketing, social media management and creative marketing strategy.

"When I'm not busy building brands, I am inspiring others to reach the pinnacle of greatness. By forming emotional connections and building loyalty with the individuals I embraces."


Newton Felton 


Business Development | Guerilla Marketing 

Newton challenges the boundaries of what’s possible, whether uncovering consumer insights or facilitating ideation and strategy to craft client solutions. Newton expertly leads consumer labs using multi-dimensional stimulus to dig beneath the obvious and uniquely relate to community. 


His ideation skills have driven growth across various industries from entertainment to event production to political campaigns. He has held marketing and innovation positions for varies of companies and secured sponsorships from prominent brands like Grey Goose Vodka. Newton has orchestrated events at Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field Arena, and Delaware State University. 

Malcolm Coley


Social Media Marketing | Advertisement 

An expert in transforming “Aha!” consumer insights into visionary brand-building, positioning and innovation work across beauty, consumer goods, and retail.  A graduate from Seton Hall University with a BS in Chemistry, Malcolm believes in the intimate understanding of qualitative research as well as the sheer power and reach of quantitative measurement. 


In 2012, Malcolm Co Founded Loc Nation, a support and celebration of the natural hair movement with a focus on locs.  That movement has collectively amassed over 250,000 followers on social media via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok. LocNation Also has a hair salon in New Castle, Delaware.


Malcolm is also a Co-Operator with The Win Factory. The Win Factory is a coworking space focused on the growth of Black and Brown Entrepreneurs and small businesses. The Win Factory is also a place where entrepreneurs share ideas and scale their business.


Malcolm is also the Chief Technology Officer for Futures First Gaming, a STEM accredited company, Where “Futures First Begins with Gaming,” Futures First Gaming focuses on high and low level competitive gaming, while showcasing opportunities in STEM and Entrepreneurship.

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